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What is Colotron?

In 2021, a group of scientist doctors discovered a new communication mechanism unicellular creatures have been using while they were working on the communication between bacteria. This mechanism is also almost a copy of a brand new communication protocol that a group of computer engineers working on virtual universe modeling are trying to create on data networks in a very different part of the world, unaware of this work. Surprisingly, the communication mechanism that humans have just started to discover is also the same mechanism that bacteria and viruses have been using since the beginning of time. The doctors have reached some notes that the computer engineers have put on internet, after some investigation.

With the unition of these 2 groups, it only took 7 months for this communication protocol to bring humans to a level that can make them cross the borders of the galaxy. Firstly, scientists have discovered that this discovery have been used for millions of years for communication between planets. This discovery also helped living beings in planets that are millions of light years away, calling themselves proxntiat, karfgon, similpreit, ktartinix, communicate with humans. These smart living forms brought humans to a level that can communicate with them, by applying the methods they have been using to teach language to each other.

The most exciting discovery humans have made at this point is the fact that this communication have persisted in space for billions of years. In past billion years, all planet residents who discover this communication method have been joining this network and have been taking their technology forward millions of years with their sharing of information. This was indeed a technological jump for mankind. It is now only a matter of fact before present is labeled as antique. Even though communication with the residents of other planets is sometimes enough and is speeding up technological advance of mankind, a technology that have been developed till now with its new friends, VR would help travel among these planets and be informed about what is going on in them with the help of a pair of glasses and it would help satisfy the wonder of mankind which has fallen victim to their wonder.

At this point, humans have discovered the planet Colotron in which they can communicate with each other with the help of VR technology and their avatar. Colotron was just one of the alternative habitats where intelligent life formed on all other planets existed with their avatars and were able to communicate with each other.

Colotron, which has been waiting more than 7 million years to host, was then ready for man to explore and create colonies there. Colotron would use Vebum as its digital currency.

Colotron DEMO

You need a VR headset to test it out. When you are in, the Colotron world, you should know that you can talk to others and hear their voices. You can meet them. Just remember that this only a demo and please do not harm trees :)

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